AL Guides

AriPanda’s Azur Lane guide (last update: see grids, May 2019)
—> also links to other useful guides

Doublemint’s Azur Lane Walkthrough
—> Equipment guide

YourWaifuIsShip Ship guide
—> Equipment guide (old, very outdated)
—> Repair Ship guide

/alg/ guide (ignore the main page’s outdated tier list)
—> /alg/ wiki

Azur Lane Sanctuary Gross Weebs Keep Out (slightly outdated)

Azur Lane stat comparison spreadsheet a link is coming later.

PR EXP calculator

The AL official Discord server has some guides there as well, ping Nimi-bot for the command i dont remember what it was



Chinese (中文)
-> Biligame

Japanese (日本語)
-> Game8
-> Wikiru

-> Koumakan


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