★ Q: Can I ask you to promote my guide/site/channel/etc. here?

A: No. I don’t have any criteria for judging what goes on here, but I won’t accept any requests promoting your guide.
This may be revised in the future. But currently I’m busy, so I won’t be able to update this site every day with requested guides.


★ Q: What if a guide is gone?/a guide isn't being updated anymore?

A: I will update accordingly. Feel free to drop me a message at @weeeeeeeeeeeedy (Weedy ch.) on Twitter if this happens.


★ Q: What if a channel isn't doing guides for x game anymore?

A: As stated above, drop me a line and I will note this.
Usually unless the channel is deleted, the videos will still be archived somewhere on the channel, which is useful.


★ Q: What’s this page for?

A: It collects a bunch of guides I found useful in my experience playing these mobile games.
I made these pages solely for personal use, but others are welcome to use it.


Note: Guides listed here do not express endorsement from authors, nor do I endorse the authors or contents within. I do think they’re worth a look, though.