Feel free to ignore this.

Azur Lane -
Yes, I noticed that many of the guides I linked have either been abandoned or not updated in a long while
(the exception being YWIS’ GitHub guide and the stat spreadsheet).
That means you:

A. Have to theorycraft for the newer stuff
B. Ask the community for advice (not recommended, especially any advice from me).

Luckily these guides have yet to outlast their usefulness.
Despite their mostly dead status, I find them to be helpful as the guides are definitely written with a “newbie-focus” in mind.
Plus, it’s not like the old content is irrelevant today.
Nothing’s changed in the meta for quite a while
(the exception being the newest PR/DR ships and Richelieu... kinda)
and the equipment guides are tried and true even if they don’t cover new equipment.

I strongly suggest ignoring any tier list you come across, no matter what it is (unless it’s a bust size chart)
because what a good team composition is varies from individual to individual and it’s better to look at each ship
in-depth and see what you can build around her then to look at a tierlist and go,
“oh, I’m just slapping Monarch, FdG and Hood in my backline and Roon, Saint Louis and Zara into my vanguard because meta lul,”
which is a terrible mindset to have.

Ignoring the tier list that other players make will also apply to my other ramblings here quite a bit, so prepare for that if you haven’t already.

Where can I see the barrage animation now?
You can find it at the CN wiki (Biligame wiki) now.
They used to be at the Joyme domain but I have no idea what happened to it.
They’re still managed by the same wiki staff (I’m assuming this of course)